Tourist and Built-up Growth in the community of Tremithousa.

The village because of its very small distance from the city of Paphos, it had over the last four years a rapid continuous built-up and tourist growth.

As far as communication is concerned, the village of Tremithousa is connected in the northern side with the monastery of Agios Neofytos at a distance of about four kilometers and in the northwestern side with the village Tala again at a distance of four kilometers. It is connected also in the eastern side with the main street of Paphos-Polis from which it abstains one kilometer.

The landscape is dismembered by small streams that spring from the mountains in the northern and northeastern sides of the settlement and are poured in the marine region of the western side.

Between the mountain and the sea, it is found the beautiful village of Tremithousa.

Over the last years, the village had a rapid growth in built-up units and villas. Many foreigners and Cypriots are dreaming to acquire a residence in this village. Some restaurants were opened, tourist apartments were built and a general tourist movement is seen that threatens the peacefulness of the solitary life of this quiet village.

In the community, tourist activation began with restaurants and restorations of houses that are rented to foreigners, mainly to sightseers.

The beauty and the peacefulness, the harmony in light and colors that you meet here at the village of Tremithousa, between the mountain and the sea, is something infrequent. This moment, the village of Tremithousa is the quietest under growth tourist part of the island. Many sightseers, local and foreigners, enjoy calm and peaceful holidays at this village. It is unknown of course, how long the peacefulness and the solitary life of this village will last.