The recently constructed church of St George is located at Southwest of the village Tremithousa.  It is now the main church of the village, since -until recently -the one that is dedicated to the Saints Riginos and Orestis functioned as the main church in Tremithousa.

The foundation stone was set in 2001 and the church was “baptised” on the 13th of June 2004.  Architecturally it is constructed in the Byzantine style with a dome.  It can accommodate around 500-600 faithful.  Externally it is painted and whitewashed.

Simplicity prevails in its interior.

Its ecclesiastical wealth makes itself present since the Holy See of Pafos, the Church Committee, and the community’s inhabitants made sure that everything was done to complete the church in all its splendour.  The icon screen, which cost quite a lot, is woodcut and made of walnut.  The Psalters are also made of walnut-wood and were donated by the sculptor and constructor.

The fabulous and convenient women’s loft, constructed in a semicircular fashion, allows the faithful of comfortably viewing and enjoying the services every Sunday and on holidays.

Externally, there are plans to enrich and complete the yard by paving it with slates.  The church celebrates on the 23rd of April, a day when the saint’s Holy icon is carried about in procession and many believers from the surrounding regions come to honour the day of Saint George.