The Primary School of Tremithousa was built during the decade between 1920 and 1930 and it consisted of two rooms. One of them was used as a classroom by the approximately 35 pupils and the second one as the teacher’s residence.

Today our school maintains four rooms, two conventionally built classrooms and another two prefab rooms.

One of them is used as a multiple-usage hall, while the second one temporarily hosts the Mesogi Community Kindergarten.

The school operates with two teachers and 25 pupils. There are three forms. Forms A-B consist of 12 pupils, forms B and C of 9 students, forms E and F of students. At the school work three teachers on a daily basis, whereas a fourth one visits the school twice a week.

During the school year 2018-2019 the number of students will rise. The school will operate with 33 children and three teachers.

Our school operates as an Optional All-Day School from 13:05 to 15:05.

The children are given the opportunity to have lunch at school and do their homework, while English and Computer Courses are also provided.

Source: Community Council


Testimony by Mrs Ifigeneia Nicolaou, who studied at the school during the school year 1930 – 1931

“Our school used to operate six days a week, while from Monday to Friday it was an all-day school, meaning that the students attended school from morning till the afternoon.

Classes would start at 7:30 am, after the church bell rang to inform the students that it was time for school.

The students had very few books and notebooks, which they carried in their bags. They used a plaque and cane stick to write, while the older students had a type of pen”.